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In the latest BC PNP draw held on April 19, 2022, British Columbia issued approximately 180 invitations to candidates in the BC Provincial Nomine program. The minimum cut-off score for this draw was 70. The candidates are selected from the following categories:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Skilled Worker – EEBC option
  • International Graduate
  • International Graduate – EEBC option
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – EEBC option

April 12 BC PNP draw results:

General draw

  • Category: Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker – EEBC option, International Graduate, International Graduate – EEBC option, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  • No. of Invitations: 147
  • Minimum Scores:

      • Skilled Worker: 110
      • Skilled Worker – EEBC option: 125
      • International Graduate: 98
      • International Graduate – EEBC option: 109
      • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled: 77

Targeted draw: Childcare (NOC 4214)

  • Category: Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)
  • No. of invitations: 20
  • Minimum Score: 70

Targeted draw: Healthcare

  • Category: Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (includes EEBC option)
  • No. of invitations: 7
  • Minimum Score: 70

Targeted draw: Priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)

  • Category: Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)
  • No. of invitations: <5
  • Minimum Score: 70

What is BC PNP?

BC PNPs are special programs operated by the Canadian Govt, especially for British Columbia. Each British Columbia PNP has its own unique requirements aligned to fulfill the labor market needs of BC.

How to get an Invitation through BC PNP Program?

  • Meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the BC PNP category that suits your profile the best.
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the province.
  • After that, your profile is evaluated by the province through Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) Score.
  • The highest-ranking applicants then receive an invitation from BC to apply for nomination.
  • Once you receive an invitation, you get 30 days to prepare and submit an online application to the province.

Nominated candidates get an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence.

Still confused? Don’t worry, just complete your free assessment and we will let you know about the best Canadian immigration options relevant to your profile.

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